How Spotify uses AI to enhance the user experience

Today let’s talk about the largest on-demand music service application today i.e. Spotify and how it uses the concept of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance the user experience.

“Discover Weekly” section in Spotify

If you’re frequent users of Spotify, you might have noticed “Discover Weekly” playlist which is updated weekly with new recommended songs , this personalized feature is due to usage of three models which are as follows:

Let’s understand the use of each model and how it contributes toward personalized experience

Collaborative Filtering

Let’s first understand what Collaborative Filtering is :

It is a method of making automatic predictions(filtering) about a particular user ‘s interest by using the preference or taste information from multiple users.

In case of Spotify, this method powers their recommendation models , it uses implicit feedback like

It helps Spotify to provide relevant recommendations to the similar users

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is the ability of a computer program to understand human language as it is spoken.

In case of Spotify, analysis of human speech is done via text . It scans a track’s metadata that includes the following

Using the above metadata, it identifies descriptive terms like noun, phrases and other texts associated with those songs or artist

Then , these keywords are categorized into “cultural vectors” and “top terms”. Each artist and song is associated with thousands of top terms and they are subject to change on a daily basis. Also each terms is assigned a weight, reflecting its relative importance in terms of how many times an individual would attribute that term to a song or musician they like.

Cultural Vectors & Top Term

Audio Models

In Spotify, audio models are used to analyze data from raw audio tracks and categorizes songs accordingly. Also they help the platform to evaluate all songs and create recommendations accordingly.

These are the ways in which Spotify leverages the power of AI to make a powerful recommendation system to enhance user experience.

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