Industrial Use Cases for Kubernetes / OpenShift from Experts : A Knowledgeable Experience 📚

Hello Guys, I recently attended a session based on Industrial Use Cases for OpenShift/Kubernetes by Experts conducted by Mr. Amel Mathai ,Mr. Daleep Singh Bais & Mr. Abid Matoo.

Session Learnings

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration tool.

Benefits of using Kubernetes

  • Scalability
  • Workload Portability
  • Stability vs Speed Arguments

Challenges associated with Kubernetes

  • Deployment
  • Hardening
  • Operations

Containers Vs. Virtual Machines

Docker As A Service Platform

What is OpenShift?

OpenShift is an open source container application platform based on the Kubernetes container orchestrator for enterprise application development and deployment.

OpenShift Features

  • Pod autoscaling
  • High availability
  • Cloud infrastructure choice
  • Responsive web console
  • Rich command-line tool set
  • IDE integration
  • Open Source
  • OperatorHub
  • CI/CD
  • Service Mesh
  • Serverless
  • Application Topology
  • Quay 3.2
  • Over The Air Update


S2I(Source-to-Image) enables developer to create application directly from source code, behind the scenes, it builds the image, pushes it to the registry and deploys the application.

Podman is a daemonless, open source, Linux native tool designed to make it easy to find, run, build, share and deploy applications using Open Containers Initiative (OCI) Containers and Container Images.

At the end , I would conclude that it was blessing to be part of this wonderful session by experts that gave an insight to the industrial use case regarding Kubernetes & OpenShift.

Thank You !!!




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